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We help small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs get access to unsecured funding options, find free money through rebates and incentives and repair or build their credit if they don't qualify for funding.

Unsecured Funding Options

Do you have all the funding that you need to grow your business?

Is getting funding today from banks and government a fast and simple process?

Will finding out how much funding you qualify for hurt your business?

Credit Building & Repair Program

Do you know how good or bad credit your credit score is?

How will your current credit score affect you future purchases?

Do you know that your credit score is not permanent and there are ways to help increase it?

A Secret to Large Corporations No More

Do you know there's money "left on the table" for qualified businesses that the government could owe you?

It's not stimulus money or a loan.

If your business meets these two criteria, you have a good chance to receive tax free money you don't pay back:

1 - Have 5 or more full time employees

2 - Have paid at least $50k or more in total taxes in the last 3 years combined