Project Blue

Did you know there's money "left on the table" for Your Business that you don't have to pay back?

This found money from tax incentives and rebates can be put back into the business owner's pocket.

✅This is not a loan or a grant

✅This is not money from the stimulus

✅This is tax-free money

For qualified applicants, this service called "Project Blue" finds on average $50,000 for business owners.

Do you know how Amazon made $11.2 billion and paid $0 in taxes?

• The average American pays 14% in taxes and Amazon paid around 1%.

Do you know how 60 Fortune 500 companies paid $0 in taxes and how Giant corporations got even more tax breaks?

• This is standard practice for big businesses. But 99% of business owners have no idea they have money waiting to be claimed. We use the same tactics that Fortune 500 companies use through the 'Big Four' tax firms.

??? What's the catch???

??? What's this going to cost me???

✅We are here to get you some money back from tax incentives and rebate programs that the State and Federal governments potentially owe you.

✅Only qualified businesses can apply

• Have 5 or more full time employees

• Have paid at least $50k or more in total taxes in the last 3 years combined

✅We only get paid if you get money back in your pocket you were not expecting. We make a percentage of the money we find you. If no money can be found then you don't pay anything.

Could answering 5 short questions to start the search for your money be such a horrible idea?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this USA only?

Answer: yes

Question: Does the money have to be paid back?

Answer: No, this is not a loan. This is money found through tax incentives and rebates that was left on the table so to speak. It's money that goes back into the pocket of the business owner to keep.

Question: Is there a cost to the business owner?

Answer: The business owner does not pay anything if no money is found. If money is found for the business, there is a retainer held in an account before the money from the taxes and incentives are paid out. The IRS pays the business owner directly to their bank account and the retainer is used to pay Project Blue for their services.

Question: What is the average amount Project Blue finds for business owners?

Answer: $50,000

Question: What are the requirements to qualify?

Answer: The business needs to have paid a cumulative amount of $50,000 in taxes over the past 3 years and have 5 or more full time employees.

Question: Is it possible for a business to qualify if the business has paid more than $50k in income tax over the last 3 years but they only have 4 full time employees?

Answer: yes

Question: With an S-Corp not paying income tax as a business, would an S-Corp still qualify for Project Blue

Answer: Yes, because the income tax flows through to the business owners of the company. For example, if a business has 4 owners, we would look at the total amount of income tax paid from all four business owners over the last 3 years.

Question: Can a rebate/incentive be denied to the business owner?

Answer: A rebate/incentive will not be denied but if the business owes back taxes or a business owner owes child support, the IRS will pay that off first.

Question: Are there any restricted industries?

Answer: Yes, Cannabis, real estate investors and restaurants that are not part of a franchise. Franchise fees are part of an incentive/rebate and can pay back a benefit.

Question: Are there other places business owners can apply for a service like this? Can they applying on their own?

Answer: This service has only been available to large corporations such as fortune 500 companies which use the top 4 accounting firms in the country. As far as we know, Project Blue is the only company that provides this service in the United States.

Question: How long will this service be available for?

Answer: Tax incentives and rebates have been around for many decades and we don't see this going away.