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A company that works with startups and SMEs and helps them make the most of state and federal tax rebates, discounts, and incentives. The company was established to help every business owner access the same money-saving opportunities that are granted to Fortune 500 and Top 1% companies.

Although there are tax write-offs, government incentives, and resources that are available to every single business, not every business owner is able to tap into them since the Big 4 accounting companies do not work with SMEs. Project Blue purports to fill this gap and help startups and small and medium businesses benefit from every available tax incentive program that is available to them.
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Why Do Startups and SMEs Need Project Blue?

Do you know that Fortune 500 companies like Amazon have legally paid $0 in taxes? These companies are making use of Big 4 accounting firms or other specialized departments to take advantage of tax rebates and incentives. Unfortunately, small and medium businesses do not have the money to make use of these options. Approx. 19 out of 20 small and medium businesses are eligible for tax incentives such as US research and development tax credit but are unable to claim it because they find it too difficult to file the information required by the IRS or don’t know if they qualify for the R&D credit.

Project Blue can help these businesses make the most of over 1,100 rebates and incentive programs offered by the government. By partnering with expert financial professionals, the company helps small and medium businesses claim the money they are owed.

Benefits of Project Blue

Want to make big savings through tax rebates and incentives? Project Blue has you covered. You can start the process by filling out a simple questionnaire. No confidential information is required to start the process. Project Blue uses proprietary software to find out what kind of rebates, cost recovery options, and incentives your business may be eligible for and what it has overlooked. You may be surprised to find that the government owes you $50K, $100K, or even more.

Eligibility Criteria to Receive Tax Rebates and Incentives

It is very easy to qualify for savings. Here are some criteria that can help identify saving opportunities for you:

  • Does your company offer health insurance to employees?
  • Do you offer custom solutions, perform design work, or experiment with new materials, chemicals, and supplies?
  • Is your business present in any other location or export products to other countries?
  • Does your business have a wholesale component?
  • Do you perform training for yourself or your team through digital means?
  • Do you have an upgraded or improved website?
  • Have you started any sort of social media campaign?
  • Have you changed or improved your ecommerce software, procedures, or business model?
  • Have you had any risks with your business?

If any two of the above criteria apply to your company, it is possible for you to get cash incentives, including refunds with interest.

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Tax Credit Options Offered by Project Blue

  • Small business tax credits
  • US Research & development tax credit
  • Tax credits for the pet industry
  • Tax credits for the swine industry
  • Orthodontist tax credit
  • Chiropractor tax credit
  • Dentist tax credit
  • Engineering tax credit
  • Medical tax credit
  • Auto repair tax credit
  • Marketing tax credit
  • Labor tax credit
  • Theme park tax credit
  • Contractor tax credit
  • Casino tax credit
  • Laboratory tax credit
  • Manufacturer tax credit
  • Oil and gas tax credit
  • Orthopedic tax credit
  • Recycling tax credit
  • Retail tax credit
  • Software tax credit
  • Personaltax credit
  • Video production tax credit
  • School supply company tax credit
  • Medical supply company tax credit
  • Anesthesiologist tax credit
  • Podiatrist tax credit

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At Project Blue, we are specialists when it comes to helping you get you money. We have a team of expert financial professionals who are trained and experienced in identifying and applying for rebates and incentive opportunities. We work with CPAs across the country and help them deliver the maximum value to their clients.


Brittney Lee
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I Loved working with fundwise. They are very professional and great to work with. I was very impressed with how quickly they responded and how clearly they communicated with me. I would definitely recommend Fundwise to ANYONE who wants to start their own business!
E "Esam4295" C
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I Knew one thing when i found Fundwise... I wanted to start my small business and i needed $$$ to do it. I DIDN'T have it and had no clue how to get it. Enter Fundwise. From the very 1st call, I was immediately at ease. Every question was answered promptly and the professionalism and courtesy was wonderful. I even walked away with MORE than I needed! Do yourself a favor and reach out to them. I doubt you will regret it, I didn't.
Brandon Burrows
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Brant was extermely helpful and on-the-ball in helping me acquire credit. He was professioanl, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Highly recommended the experience!
Criselidy Rodriguez
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I highly recommend the service of this company. My experience was outstanding! Excellent professionals that know what they are doing and have your best interest at heart. Doing business with Fundwise has impacted my life in such a possitive way. They walk you through every step and answer all your questions.
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Great Experience
The entire experience working with this company has been a amazing. Kirk was extermely helpful and they exceeded financing that was projected. If you are needing a way to get funds you need Fundwise can help you. Thanks guys!
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Easiest part of quarantine
Working with Fundwise was the easiest process. I went through during the Covid19 quarantine. During such uncertain and stressful tumes, the process was superisingly responsive, helpful, and successful (when the rest of the world feels upside down). Fundwise made everything easy and streamlined. I also appreciated talking to their nice and supportive staff who were in communication at every step. I was a bit stressed and unsure when I first considered securing funding but now i am happy I workded with them. Recommended.
Sheila Gunderson
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Friendly, fast, and fabulous at their job. I was able to gain access to funds I didn't even know were available to me, in less then 5 business days! I would recommend them to you in a heart beat...
Raphael Velazquez
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Pheonomenal Customer Experience
Wise team. Kirk was fantastic in helping me understand the process of locking in capital. I highly recommend the team.
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It was a pleasure working with Kirk
Who was very thorough threw the process and flexible with my schedule. He accomplished what I needed and expected from FundWise. I would not hesitate to use them again and recommend them to anyone needing to a fund a business.
Tanner Broadbent
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Solid company, very easy to work with!
Kirk helped me through the entire process and was able to help me acquire funding for my online buseiness. It was easy and painless. I Would highly recommend Fundwise. Solid company and communication was thorough.

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