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Fast, Simple, Unsecured Funding

We are a referral partner of Fundwise Capital to help US based small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.

Fundwise Capital helps business owners secure the best funding they can qualify for, guaranteed.

Get Up To $500k In Working Capital.

Start-up funding

Maximize your funding

Receive more funding than you could anywhere else with Fundwise's strategic, perfectly-timed application process.

Business funding

Get lenders to compete for you

Receive better rates and higher funding amounts than you can anywhere else with Fundwise's competitive loan marketplace.

One application to get all available options.

No upfront costs.

No obligation to accept funding.

Easy application that doesn't affect your credit score.

Don't need to have an established business to apply.

Money From Rebates and Incentives for Your Business


Project Blue is Bringing the Best Practices of Fortune 500 Companies to the Small Business Owner in Revolutionary Fashion.

Project Blue Was Founded on the Premise That EVERY Business Owner Should Learn How to Grow Their Wealth and Access Resources That the Wealthy Use Every Day.

If you want to understand more about this- simply Perform a “Google search Does Jeff Bezos pay taxes”

Business Owners

If You Own Your Business, Commercial or Residential Property OR Have Any Savings in 401K We Will Uncover Hidden Wealth.

There are Write Offs, Government Incentives, Rebates, Programs and Resources Which Are Available to almost EVERY Business Owner.

Project Blue Will Provide an Depth Consultation To Ensure That You Know Exactly What Resources You Are Entitled To- At No Cost. If You Own A Business- Please Pay Attention Here!

Credit Repair Program

Bad Credit getting in the way for you to get the credit cards, a car, a home, a business or other major purchases you are looking for?

Do you know of ways to repair or build credit?

Or if you are looking to start a business and looking to build your business credit, check out our resources that may be of help to you.